vendredi 22 octobre 2010

Early Character Design

These little guys are transparent ghosts wandering in the building. No spoilers...

Fom story-board to final sets

J'ai caché une vulve dans la grotte... Le premier à la trouver remporte un original imprimé avec une photo de moi.

Getting it done...

These are some new layouts I've been working on. The scene takes place within the castle.

Early designs

Some early designs of the castle. Turns out I may have to add perspective to match with the landscapes.

Let's start

So yeah, I had to make a blog. I don't know exactly where this might be going but hey, you got to start somewhere... So here are some previs I did for the story board of my next movie. Called it "For The Love Of Things That Grow", nothing to do with hobbits, just thought it sound cool.